Have you ever traveled and taken a picture from multiple perspectives of the same thing, (Front and back)Maybe you’ve taken a picture from one  spot and then turned around to take a photo of a completely different view, (beach and city)? Maybe you’ve taken a picture from the same location but years or weeks apart? The thing that unites these scenarios is that they each offer a unique perspective. A perspective of view, a perspective of positionand perspective of time.

Where we stand in life offers so much perspective on its ownbut our view can change drastically by just moving an inch to the left or the right. When is the last time you went to a concert and there was a head or a pole in your way? Sometimes we need to switch seats with someone so our perspective can change and we can enjoy the show. Sometimes we need to switch seats with someone to understand their frustrations, and sometimes we need to switch seats with someone so we can understand why we or they, are not getting breakthrough or understanding.

Our view of a building, a plant, a person, a business, or a problem, can change drastically by circling around, backing up, zooming in, looking from behind, side, or top. The same is true of problems. 

In business and in life, how often do we come up against the same problem more than once? Or we cannot get a solution to a long standing problem? And yet we see others move through the same obstacles almost effortlessly; we need a new perspective, we need to see what they see, we need to step back and look at it from a different angle or a different viewpoint.  How can we finally see what we are missing? How can we see the dead thing ruining what is thriving? How can we see the neglected area that needs love and attention? By getting or changing our perspective!

They say hindsight is 20-20, hindsight is just another perspective. How can you gain perspective without it coming through hindsight? Hindsight is too late and can lead to missed opportunities or regret. Tackling a problem from a different angle, a different perspective, or a different position, can help you avoid regret. 

Who is on your team and in your corner? Who is the coach that sees the big picture from the sidelines and calls out instruction? Who is watching out for you from up top, on the side, down low, and up high? Life and business is a team effort, don’t do it alone! Listen up, reflect, and take it ALL in; the whole view! Leave no angle overlooked, seek out others opinions and suggestions, and take as many pictures as you can take before you make a decision. 

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