“Life is like a box of chocolates!”

Can you see Tom Hanks sitting on the bench as he says this infamous line from Forest Gump? The line can take your mind anywhere but for me, it reminds me that even when you think you are getting one thing, you usually get many things you didn’t plan for.

Whenever you take on a project that you are passionate about you are usually willing to take on a work load that exceeds your day-to day life, the hiccups that come with planning an event for 9 months, and of course there is usually a t-bone accident trying to derail you. In this case, the planning of Merge had many things come against us, but Amber and I had a vision and purpose that we just weren’t ready to let go of. We hoped to deliver a box of chocolates that everyone could take something away from?

Bringing women of faith together to encourage them and connect them to their calling in the workplace, was our primary vision for Merge.  We also had a secondary purpose of connecting like-minded women to each other. The conference has come and gone and based on the feedback we have received through our post event survey, some texts sent our way, and a variety of conversations, it appears we created an environment where both of our objectives were accomplished. I don’t mention this so we can pat ourselves on the back, but to create a base line. Turns out, our box of chocolates had a few extra surprises!

In business we so often set goals that are deemed important, and when we achieve them we often feel like we have “arrived” or that the mission is complete. In this case, Merge did achieve it’s primary and secondary objectives, but Merge is just the beginning. The snowball just got rolling and now it’s up to all the ladies who attended to keep the momentum going! If you attended Merge, you’ve been called to make an impact that exceeds a life time, and it is as simple as showing compassion and kindness wherever you are at. Right now you are capable of reaching and impacting someone. Right now you can change the culture of where you are just because, YOU are there! Lift your head up and share your new insights with your team, your co workers, or just lead like you know you are called to lead! If Merge has inspired you to do this, your actions will be the chocolate caramel in my box of chocolates.

I encourage you to view your next project or goal like it’s a box of chocolates. Don’t think that the goal or mission is to get a box of chocolates, but ask yourself what else can I find in my box of chocolates, cause “you never know what you’re gonna get”! -Dawn