March 24, 2017


Key Services

Human Resources

You’ve probably heard that your people are your most important asset and while we believe that is true, we also know, you have bigger things to worry about than knowing all the rules regarding employees, subcontractors, labour laws, WCB, insurance, and proper file and record maintenance. Our team has years of schooling and experience to provide support and training in key areas related to your human resources. Whether you are a 1 man show right now and want to grow, or you have 30 employees but no current capacity to hire a part or full time HR staff member, we’ve got you and your people covered and can be involved as much or as little as necessary; we can sit in on meetings, take on HR projects or we can be available on the phone to answer some quick questions or do some research for you. Just like you are there for your team, we can be there for you and your HR needs.

Finance Administration & Analysis

Understanding the financial state of your company impacts decision making on every level. Many business owners find that accounting reports are filled with overwhelming data, inaccurate data, or lack of the right data to answer the important questions they need answered. Maybe you simply don’t know what kind of information is possible? Maybe you don’t know how to make sure you are getting the most out of your time, your team, your projects, and your resources. Often, the first step in this process is ensuring your financial administration processes are set to receive the information you need and when you need it. We will also work with you to figure out what it all means for your company and how it impacts your decision making.

Systems & Administration

Practical and efficient functioning systems and processes are critical to the success of your business moving to the NEXT LEVEL. Without functioning systems in place, momentum can be slowed, lost, or worse stopped completely. NEXT LEVEL Consulting can help you determine what current systems or missing systems are tripping you up or slowing you down. We will come alongside to help create, restructure, and layout in clear language, what is going to be effective for you and your team. Once these steps are documented and we’ve worked through the kinks, NEXT LEVEL can provide support in training and accountability to individuals, teams, owners, contractors, and anyone else involved in the process.


We know you believe in your business and what you have to offer or you wouldn’t be doing it, but how do you get your name out there to new and potential customers and markets? Where do you start looking and what do you focus on with a limited budget or maybe no budget? We can help you determine your ROI related to 10 common marketing avenues such as print media, social media, and radio media. We can help you brand your business, your team, and your products so that you become the company of choice in your industry, market or sector. Others need your business or product and NEXT LEVEL Consulting can make sure they know it!


You’ve got potential clients, but what systems and process do you have in place to make sure your efforts are driving and closing continual new sales and contracts? What are you doing to ensure your new customers STAY your customers? Who is holding you accountable to the sales targets you’ve set for yourself? Who supports or challenges you in reaching for your goals? NEXT LEVEL Consulting can work with you to plan an efficient process to capture, maintain, keep, and build sustainable sales.

Invest Back

At NEXT LEVEL we believe a core part of our role is to help businesses make an impact in their community. Investing Back in your community can be through your time, talents, or resources. We love to partner with others to help you find your passions and to brainstorm creative and exciting ways to Invest Back into those passions. Investing back is more than just an investment into others; it is also an investment into future generations and your own business. The return on investment is numerable and we will work with you to leverage and showcase your investment. You and your business are part of a community and Investing Back into your community is great business!

Not for Profit Board Governance and Training

We offer Not for Profits a variety of services to help them achieve their organizational objectives including, meeting auditing, Bylaw and Policy review and coaching, Vision and Values training, Governance coaching, and Team and relationship building among the directors or between the Board Chair and the Executive Director. You bring a passion to the board room, and you care about your organization. We bring years of experience and best practices to help your Not for Profit go to the NEXT LEVEL.

Additional Services

Contact us for more information on these additional services and packages:

Vision and Values Session

Like a compass is to an explorer, Vision and Values help business owners navigate a path and communicate where they are going to team members and customers. NEXT LEVEL Consulting helps owners articulate the dreams and hopes they have for their business into guiding principles for the future of their business. We take your thoughts and ideas and turn them into written statements that are a representation of you and your business. Depending on your business needs outcomes of a Vision and Values session may include a purpose statement, standards of excellence, value statements, core values etc. If you want to step up to the NEXT LEVEL with a clear purpose and a compass that leads you in the direction of your dreams we’d love to set up a Vision and Values session with you.

Personal Resume and Interview Prep Session

New opportunities, especially job opportunities, are so exciting and we want to help you put your best foot forward and present yourself strong. Our consultants have numerous years of Human Resource recruiting experience and knowledge. We would love to teach you what owners, managers, HR teams and executives look for in a resume and interview. Contact us and we can discuss customized resume and interview prep help based on what positions you are applying for. We can help with as little as reviewing your resume and suggesting minor edits to creating a custom resume and drafting interview prep questions and facilitating a mock interview.