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Finance Administration & Analysis

How do you track your finances? Do you understand what the financial reports mean?

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Systems & Administration

How do you manage your team, your information, and your time?

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Human Resources

How do you attract great people, train them, and keep them?

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Do your potential customers know why they need your fantastic product or service?

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How do you develop a relationship with a potential customer and then provide them with a product or service that they need?

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Invest Back

How do you take care of the community you do business in?


We are passionate about you, your business, and helping you give back to the community you do business in!

Amber Cook

Business Development Consultant
Amber’s variety of roles in everything from government – to large corporate – to small business brings perspective and knowledge in the areas of Human Resources, Finance, and Office Management. She’s passionate to contribute and train.

Dawn Macdougall

Business Development Consultant
With 15+ years experience in senior management in retail and restaurant. Dawn’s hands on knowledge and proven success can contribute to your business. Dawn is extremely passionate and has an eye for finding solutions.

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